TANCS® Disinfection

TANCS® Disinfection

The TANCS® Device Kills

What makes TANCS® so amazing?

Deep inside the boiler, where water is transformed into incredibly hot steam (this is not the standard “steamer” — this is industrial hospital grade, and cruise ship norovirus decontamination grade), the TANCS® module uses the super high temperature deep in the boiler to convert the water’s minerals into crystals and energize them. This results in very short dwell times to kill viruses, bacteria, germs, and fungi. The actual surface temperature is between 220 and 230 Fahrenheit. Most germs are killed at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, bed bugs at 180 degrees Fahrenheit, and most yeasts at 140 degrees.

Deadly for viruses, bacteria, germs, and fungi, but safe for you!

In as little as 3 seconds, the TANCS®-equipped systems qualify as disinfection devices for the EPA, however, on top of that, because it is 100% non-toxic, they clean toys children can put into their mouths, pet toys, etc.

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